The Final conference of the project was held 4th May 2023 in Sweden

Artificial intelligence is not a technology of the distant future - it is here in our
everyday lives. Inevitably, the question arises as to what impact it will have and what changes it will bring to the labour market, how it will affect our working habits and our daily lives.

In Bollnäs, Sweden, the Perform-AI partnership sought answers to these and similar questions at the final conference of our PERFORM-AI project organised by Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund, Torsbergsgymnasiet, Staffangymnasiet. The project has been presented to a wide audience and excellent feedback has bee received about them.

Joint Staff Training Activity C1 -Raisio -Finland
Nov 22st - 23th 2022

Meeting in Raisio 24th Nov 2022

Visiting FabLab at Raseko

Social event after training activities at Turku

1st F2F Partner Meeting 10-11 Nov Aarhus, Denmark

1st Newsletter 26th October 2021

Enhance Business Performance with Artificial Intelligence

31/12/2020 - 29/6/2023


Erasmus+ Perform AI project's goal is to develop a training programme for micro and small enterprises to manage the use of the artificial intelligence in their business activities. These object will be achieved by securing the 30-month path of the project with five different intellectual outputs.

More information

We presented the project at the Zoom meeting 21th March 2021 to our associate partner.

Aikuiskouluttajien liitto AKOL ry is the National Association of Adult Education and Training and Liberal Adult Education Teachers in Finland.

Kick-off meeting were held via Zoom 18.2.2021