-Promoting seniors' employment and self-employment after retirement

Five modules will be prepared for the training.

Here is module 1: Digital literacy

Transnational Partner meeting, Ireland, Virginia 28-29th Sep 2020

The very successful meeting was held at Rural Hub CLG.

Kick-off Meeting was held online 2nd Feb 2022.

The main goal of this project is the work with the seniors, seeing and defining them as a strong and powerful resources for the future.
The other goals are
1) to conduct a survey for illustrating the labour force of seniors in partner countries and finding reasons for the senior employment and self-employment
2) to train facilitators to disseminate the benefits of hiring seniors for work force in enterprises/organisations and support both seniors stay in working life after 65 and
3) to support employers to hire seniors.

Project results

PPR 1 Mapping of existing barriers in access to training and learning requirements to foster seniors entrepreneurship.
Training program for senior entrepreneurs to support the transformation from traditional entrepreneurship to digital entrepreneurship.
PPR 2 Developing interactive infographic to improve senior entrepreneurs digital skills.
PPR 3 Empowerment and narratives: Case study -Storytelling - successful &inspirational narratives of senior workers, self-employed and senior workers'employees supported by their employers to become entrepreneurs.
PPR 4 Development of a Mooc platform to strengthen the digital skills of senior entrepreneurs + learning platform to improve the training of senior entrepreneurs.