Backround information of Anmiro

  • Date of establishment 1 June 2015
  • Status a limited liability company
  • Location: Kuru, Finland and online
  • Membership: Euroreso, The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers, Union of Journalists in Finland, Marttaliitto

Transnational project mission

  • Participate at transnational projects
  • Internal and external evaluation of projects
  • External evaluation of Project applications
  • Assist VET organisations and businesses in their consult our clients aiming to find partners for their EU projects as well as providing application preparation services.

Enterprise mission of ANMIRO OY

  • To provide support in the form of expertise for the Finnish and international organizations in their internationalisation and entrepreneurial activities.
  • To consult nascent firms/entrepreneurs aiming to survive in during their first years.
  • Free lance writing