European Inter-Generational support Career Development Initiative

36 months project started 1st October 2020

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  • This project will research & design an INTERGEN BRIDGE MODEL to facilitate social inclusion through intergenerational learning, by allowing young & senior adults not in employment to learn from each other & develop mutual respect.

Pedagogical materials

  • The project will create pedagogical materials for job centres, career guidance centres, adult educators & institutions based on the Community of Practice model to apply the INTERGEN BRIDGE MODEL in interesting, interactive ways appropriate to both target groups.

Training modules

  • We will develop training modules in key competence development appropriate to both target groups featuring an innovative
    peer-leaning-based methodology.

Online tutorials

  • Finally, we will produce online tutorials to link learning in the INTERGEN programme with EU tools, such as Europass CV, to best showcase competences to potential employers & access the job market.