Entrepreneurship for Socially Disadvantaged

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Immigrant entrepreneurs: Monika Põldkivi, Sivex Oy

Small business development: Jukka Kallio

This consortium is made up of a range of Nordic/Baltic countries that have experience in working with different target groups: EDUPRO with disabled (LT) and other target groups, Step by Step (IS) with women, AOF-East (DK) with seniors, Seiklejate Vennaskond (EE) with young people, Anmiro (FI) and Learning for integration ry (FI) have experience with integration of migrants, creation of platforms and experience with the topic of entrepreneurship.

This partnership brings together 6 organisations from Nordic/Baltic area to share best practice in methods of improving entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged adult individuals (women, youth, seniors, disabled and migrants). The participating institutions cover a range of sectors: NGOs, SMEs, adult training centers.

4th Project meeting in Helsinki

2-4 December 2019

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