Current Projects 

Senior Volunteers for Migrant Integration

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KEEP 50+ project started in September 2016

Project duration 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2018 Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships. Project activities include 

  1. Communication with local representatives of 50+ target audience, communication with experts; 
  2. Organisation of national workshops;
  3. Organisation of the BarCamp workshops; 
  4. Presentation of the BarCamp conferences results on the website and social media;
  5. Development of proposal for the future 50+ Etrepreneurship training programme/methodology; 
  6. Dissemination of the proposal within relevant interested parties;
  7. Management and quality management activities, project meetings etc.

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Earlier Projects

T4T project ended on March 2018

"Sustainable Tools 4 Trainers" was the Nordplus Adult 16 months project for six organisations from Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland who made a consortium It created  "Tools for Trainers in Sustainable Training material for Tourism" ( tool box for trainers and entrepreneurs in rural tourism in Baltic and Nordic countries. Please visit the project web site for the inspiring tool box

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SAFE (Seeking actively for employment) project ended May 2018

The project SAFE was targeted to the people 50+ and the challenges they have to face while competing in the labour market. Partnering organizations from the 5 Nord/Baltic region countries identified and agreed on the problems could be solved by partnership in Nordplus adult programme. Project activities included analysis of the current situation of the people 50+ in each country to meet the needs of the labour market with the innovative training program. Please find the Safe training programme at the project's web site



During the lifetime of the project the partnership will develop an interactive learning programme for the development of both English language and ICT skills by organizing face-to face lessons as well as using different ICT tools. In that way the seniors will be engaged in using modern information technologies and learning the language at the same time. 

Main partner

Soros International House (LT, )

  Contact(s): Malinauskiene, Daiva (

Other partners: Biedrība Eurofortis (LV, )

Teadmine ja Tarkus OÜ / Tallinn Language Centre (EE, )

Anmiro Oy (FI, )

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The SMILE network consists of 20 partner organizations from 15 European countries. In the coming three years the partners will join their efforts to identify areas and target groups that can benefit from the promotion and learning of less widely used and taught languages. The partners will discuss and exchange ideas on current national and European policies in the field of language learning and will perform a research on existing good practices and methodologies for promotion of less widely used and taught languages.

For more information please contact either

Calle Martín el Humano, 1 – Entresuelo
46008 – Valencia – Spain
Tel: +34 96 382 53 62

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The aims of the Take Care Project:

-help migrants to improve their knowledge about health matters in host country language

-make health  care more accessible for migrants and improve their intergration

-create an European wide network of associated partners such as migrant communities, (volunteer) organisations supporting the integration and welfare of migrants, adult educational institutes, health care providers in order to facilitate them with innovative learning materials and methods and motivate them to exploit further the project products approaching migrants as final beneficaries

-contribute to intercultural communication

The main product of the project will be a multifunctional Healthcare Language Guide

Dr Jukka Kallio is   the external evaluator of the Take Care project. 

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Tracon was a trasnational project involving 9 partners from 5 countries in Europe (Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy). It was a lifelong learning programme project which started its action on November 2011 and lasted until the end of December 2013.

The subject of Tracon project was the training of school teachers in order to help their students become ‘smart' and rational consumers in modern societies.

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We were the external evaluator of the Tracon project.

INNOREG - Development of Innovative Business Models for Ensuring Competitiveness

The project concentrated on raising the region’s scientific-technical potential, competence and reputation via elaboration and implementation of new business models and development of cross-border collaboration.

 Main objectives of the project were:

  •  increase of innovation, quality awareness and competitiveness of the Central-Baltic Sea Region;
  • support to the companies in the region in the field of mechanical engineering and mechatronics by creating new approach and model that through new business structures enables to react flexibly to the processes taking place in the society and organize innovative and high-level production.

 The project was directed to solve joint sectoral problems in Finland and in Estonia.

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E-NLL network

The E-NLL network united 26 organisations from 14 European countries, interested to support senior citizens in their lifelong learning activities.

The E-NLL network was

  • focusing on ageing population and its particular learning needs
  • building models for inclusion of elderly people in lifelong learning through offering models for learning, mobility and volunteering
  • encouraging cooperation between senior education providers

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The objective was to transfer the elements of the innovative entrepreneur diploma - national competence based qualifications for entrepreneurs developed in Finland to European partner countries and to develop entrepreneurship training (training of nascent entrepreneurs) in Finland further through the impulse from the partner countries.

Please visit  and, where you can find entrepreneurship training toolkit in English, Slovenian, Flemish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch    


 The project  created an integrated European system of identifying, assessing and recognizing vocational competence-based qualifications of International Development Officer (IDO).

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